Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are widely used in cut flower arrangements, and are a great flower for adding some color to a room or garden. They come in a wide array of colors- light to dark yellow, orange, pink, scarlet, red and many more. Native to Transvaal, South Africa, gerbera daisies are actually perennials in warm climates. In our climate, they can be grown as an annual or an indoor plant. Like many daisies, Gerberas are said to signify beauty, innocence and purity. However, the gerbera variety holds an added meaning of cheerfulness, which stems from the assortment of colors available. We love Gerbera daisies at George’s Flowers. You can find them in many of our designs, and even on our store signs and delivery trucks!

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